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Do You Need Event Medical Staff for Your Event? What You Need to Know

Do you work in the event planning industry? Or, maybe you are planning a surprise birthday of epic proportions? Either way, you should consider hiring medical staff for the event. If you have never hosted an event before, you may not know how vital medical staffing can be. Everyone hopes that nothing happens out of the ordinary when they host.

Most of the time, things will go smoothly.

On the off chance that they do not, it would be best if you had made plans for an emergency. Otherwise, what are you going to do? Of course, it is normal to have a few questions about medical staffing for events. Hopefully, we can help eliminate any confusion.

Today, medical staffing can provide medical services on par with those of a hospital.

The Top 10 Most Important Things to Know About Medical Staffing for Events

You do not need to get a medical degree to understand why medical staffing is essential for events. When you host an event, you assume the liability for the people who attend.

Unless you provide on-site medical coverage, you could be putting yourself at risk.

At best, you could be the target of several lawsuits. At worst, you could be charged with negligence if someone were to get hurt. When you provide on-site medical coverage, you eliminate that risk. Even if it adds to the cost of hosting, it is certainly worth it.

The price of a medical staffing team is far less than a lawsuit for negligence.

1. Reduce the Transmission of Communicable Diseases

Modern medical event staffing can help you track the transmission of communicable diseases. By providing on-site medical attention, you can help to protect the community. Not only will you be protecting the community, but you will also be putting your guests at ease. That way, they can enjoy the event to the fullest extent.

You never know when something like this could come in handy.

Technology allows medical teams to instantly detect peoples' temperatures as they arrive. Thus, you can allow access to people who are not contagious. Then, everyone who attends can do so with the knowledge they are safe.

2. Provide Full Level of Medical Support Including Emergency Room Trailers

You never know when emergencies might happen. That is what makes them an emergency. While most people pushed the thought from their mind, event planners cannot afford to do this.

If something were to happen, you might be held responsible. The best way to prevent something like that is by hiring emergency room trailers. These include all of the equipment and staff needed to provide emergency medical services. Then, everyone can get help if they need it.

Emergency medical trailers can be life-saving in an emergency.

3. Lower Your Liability by Providing Advanced Medical Support On-Site

Most venues require you to get some type of insurance when you host events on their property. The details will vary between different insurance companies. However, generally, you will receive a better price if you can provide proof of on-site medical staff.

It lowers the risk of emergencies escalating into tragic situations. Thus, the insurance companies do not feel they need to charge you as much to cover their liabilities when they assume your policy.

Liabilities are the biggest cause of bankruptcy in the event planning industry.

4. Give Your Guests a Sense of Security With On-Site Medical Coverage

When you host an event, what is the most important aspect of it? Typically, event planners believe that your guests' experience is the most important part. Now, ask yourself this, "how much do you enjoy events if you do not feel secure when you are at them?".

By providing medical staff at your event, you are doing more than merely providing emergency medical services. You are giving your guests the best gift possible, a sense of security. When guests feel secure at your event, they can immerse themselves in the event more fully. Thus, they will enjoy it far more than they would have otherwise.

The more secure your guests feel at your event, the more enjoyable they will find the event.

5. Enhance Your Ability to Focus on What Matters

Most event planners would describe themselves as high anxiety people. It makes sense if you think about it. When you plan events, you must assume the responsibility for so many different variables. How could you not become a little bit overwhelmed by the prospect?

We have found that medical staff can provide event planners with something incredibly valuable.

By hiring adequate staff for your event, you can focus on the things that matter most. Once the event finally comes around, you can focus on enjoying the rewards of all of your hard work. It is hard not to worry about your guests as an event planner. When you hire help, they can take care of those worries for you. The added peace of mind is more than worth it.

6. Events Increase the Risk of Injury, Especially When They Include Alcohol

How many of your daily activities put you at risk of injury? If you were to look at the statistics, there are probably a lot more than you realize. Most of our daily habits do not contain much risk, although they do contain some.

Typically, the risk is incredibly small for an individual instance of any injury occurring.

However, when you do those activities every day, those of small risks amplify into a near certainty. Now, consider multiplying that by the number of people who plan on attending your next event. As you can see, even low-risk events can be a lot riskier than they seem. It would always be best to prepare for the worst. That does not mean you should not hope for the best, though.

7. You Can Have Ambulances on Stand By to Eliminate Wait Times if An Emergency Happens him

How important is time when it comes to a medical emergency? Time can become everything during a medical emergency. If you are unable to provide medical services quickly, sometimes it may not matter if they are provided at all.

When emergencies occur at your event, you will have ambulances nearby. That way, people can get the attention they need much more quickly. Wouldn't you want to get help as quickly as possible if anything were to ever happen to you?

8. Multiple Types of Medical Staffing Are Available

Depending on what kind of event you are hosting, You can choose from many different types of medical staff to hire. We recommend getting full coverage, so you are prepared for anything. However, the following three would be the most common categories of medical staff hired.


Physicians are medical doctors. They must attend medical school and graduate with their doctorate in medicine. They can provide full coverage of medical services at your events. However, they cost the most to hire for on-site coverage. We recommend always getting at least one of these for large events. Sometimes it is even better to hire multiple.


Emergency medical technicians can provide medical services in the event of an emergency. For example, if someone had a heart attack, EMTs could help them out. They can also drive ambulances so people can get to the hospital. You should always get at least one pair of EMTs for any events you host. They can make the biggest difference in an emergency out of all the medical staff.


Nurses are best at providing medical service to people with pre-existing conditions. You might want to consider hiring additional staff if you want coverage for medical emergencies. However, nurses are great when you plan on hosting an event with seniors or other people with high-risk conditions.

9. Some Venues Will Not Host Events Without Medical Staffing

If you had a venue, what would you require before letting someone host an event there? You need to consider the risk that the property owners put themselves in when they allow people to host events.

For this reason, many property owners are beginning to require medical staffing before they signed leases for event planners.

When you want to ensure there are no obstacles before you sign a lease agreement, it would be best if you already have medical staffing on standby. That way, if the property owner asked, you would already have the proof.

10. Improve Your Organization's Public Image by Providing Medical Coverage at Your Events

Why are you hosting an event? Typically, event planners host on behalf of an organization. We believe most event planners want to provide their organizations with the best publicity possible. Hosting events is an inherently public affair. It is impossible for such an event not to affect the public's perception of your organization.

By providing advanced medical coverage at your event, you enhance that perception. Don't you want people to think of your company as highly as possible? Plus, you get the added benefit of knowing that even in the event of an emergency, everything will be okay.

The Bottom Line on Medical Staffing for Events

How do you know if you need to hire medical staffing for your next event? Trick question. You should always plan on hiring medical staffing when you host public events. Not only is it a best practice, but it will eliminate any risk you assume by hosting the event.

It would be best to develop relationships with medical staffing companies. That way, you can begin to negotiate for the best deals. When you work with various organizations, always try to make your best impression. You never know when it might pay off. Hopefully, you never need the help that medical staffing companies provide. However, is it wise to assume that you never will?

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