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FDA Approved on-site PCR Testing Immediate Results
FDA Approved On-site Antigen & Antibody Testing immediate Results

On-Site Wellness Checks and COVID Compliance Officers

Covid Test

Our team of state certified EMT, Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors will perform on site COVID Assessments to help you reduce the possibility of anyone coming on site who may potentially spread the virus to others. We conduct a three step process which assures that everyone is checked visually for signs and symptoms of the virus, have a proper temperature check utilizing pharmaceutical grade IR “no touch” thermometers and are asked several questions recommended by the CDC to help determine if a person may be carrying the virus.     


We can assign a COVID Compliance Officer who will assure that all COVID Safety Precautions and Guidelines are followed. The CCO will work alongside our Medical Team to provide you with a full program which will help to protect everyone who is on site. Whether you are a Construction Site following local or state requirements, a Movie / TV Production following SAG-AFTRA requirements, a school following a state mandated plan or any other type of business we can help you maintain the safest environment for your location.

  • FDA Approved on-site PCR Swab Testing with results in 24 hours.

  • FDA Approved on-site Antigen & Antibody Testing with immediate results.

  • CLIA Certified Lab Facility     

  • Nationwide coverage at your location.

  • Includes 24/7 Physician based Phone or Tele Conference access for every person tested.

  • All testing is conducted by experienced and trained medical professionals.

Experience You Can Trust !

Every year Event Medic Service treats thousands of patients across the country at all types of large public events, construction sites and corporate facilities. We are the largest provider in the country of on-site medical care for extreme sporting events. Our expertise in maintaining medical care facilities whether remotely or on your property makes us the most experienced in the industry.

medical tents

Rapid Virus Assessment 

Take temp

According to the CDC temperature checks alone are not the only indicator of this virus. We can help you, your employee’s and your family reduce the exposure to the COVID-19 Virus first by properly assessing all persons entering your premises for the most recent signs and symptoms of this illness. Experienced medics will have the training to recognize unusual skin pallor, diaphoresis or unusual sweating, runny nose, obvious coughing or shortness of breath, mild pink eye or other abnormal conditions that are prevalent with this virus.

But these symptoms can take from two fourteen days to appear. Our team will also obtain “no-touch” body temperature readings and confirm the unacceptable results to reduce the possibility of any person who may be infected by COVID-19 from entering your facility. Pharmaceutical IR No Touch Thermometers and Thermal Body Temperature Scanners can be used to properly perform this important step in the Wellness Check process.

thermal scan screen
thermal image

Our three step process to help reduce the chance of an infected person entering your facility starts with a good visual assessment of each person by an experienced and trained medical technician, includes a proper body temperature screening and concludes with an interview to obtain the answers to several questions which will indicate that a person may have been in contact with, or may have symptoms of or exposed themselves to the COVID-19 virus.

Fully Automated & Touchless Systems
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On-site COVID-19 Corporate Testing

Office Building

Our Wellness Check Teams can be deployed to your business to perform proper assessments of all persons entering your building. We can cover one or many shifts at any location that you have pedestrian traffic coming into the building.

Large Scale Municipal Assistance

In many areas of the country state and county officials have set up Wellness Check Stations at local hospitals, public buildings and roadways. Event Medic Service can provide experienced EMT, Paramedics, Nurses or Doctors to assist and supplement the staffing needs at these sites. We are a National Company that can deploy our Team anywhere in the country.   

COVID-19 test site

Affordable, Cost-Efficient and Rapid Process

We understand the importance of providing the proper assessment at the most competitive price as well as assuring that it is conducted professionally and as rapidly as possible. We will not compromise safety and experience and can assure you that our process will be done according to all current CDC, Surgeon General, and Best Practices procedures.


Our pricing is competitive and 

we will never compromise safety or experience!

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