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Extreme Obstacle Course

Extreme Sport & Obstacle Course Medics

Event Medic Service is the largest and most well-known provider in the country of On-site Medical and Water Safety services for Extreme Obstacle Course Races. Service is provided Nationwide at some of the most remote and harsh environments as well as at local venues and arenas. Our Medical and Water Rescue Teams are closely managed by the most experienced and well-trained persons in the industry and will help you plan the right coverage for your event without compromising your budget or the safety of your guests. With our many years of experience in this field, we can extend our services to other types of public events such as Marathons, Concerts, Sporting Events, Parades, Festivals, and other large scale public events requiring dedicated and experienced On-site Medical and Water Safety coverage.


Whether there is a need for Roving Medical Units, Triage Medical Facilities, Doctors, Nurses, On-site Ambulance’s, Lifeguards or SCUBA Safety Divers we can provide some of the best teams in the country for your event.

Local or Remote Locations

Obstacle Course Race

All year long we are providing service to large scale events that are held in some of the roughest terrain and most challenging environments in the country. Our teams are familiar with and experienced in maintaining a high level of care for your participants whether it be in the remote mountains of Hawaii, grasslands in Idaho or the black top at local stadiums. Your event will be provided with the most experienced Medical and Water Safety personnel familiar with the location and Medical Services in the area.

On-Site Medical Care Facilites

The medical and water rescue services for your event will be organized by one of our Event Managers who have years of experience successfully managing your type of event. Together with our other team members, we will assure that one or more properly equipped On-site Medical Care Facility’s are maintained and staffed, qualified roving medical units are established and the appropriate Medical Triage and Field supervisors are in place. We will have all of the necessary medical equipment and supplies to assure that everyone at your event is provided with the most professional and efficient care possible. Our goal is to limit the number of injured or ill patients from being transported to a hospital by providing immediate on-site care to those who do not actually require more advanced care.  

Extreme Obstacle Course Medical ATV

Coordination with Local Emergency Services & Permit Agencies


Your event will need to apply for Permits, coordinate with and get approval from Local and State Health Care Departments as well as making arrangements with On-site stand by Ambulances and possible other Fire and Emergency Service Departments. You will be required to file Incident Action Plans, Emergency Medical Action Plans and other documents to substantiate that you have the proper medical coverage for your event. Our experience in preparing these plans and documents will help to assure that your permits get approved as quickly as possible and with the most efficient and cost effective plan that is acceptable to the many different levels of local and state authorities.


We will properly document all patient contact that is made by our medics at your event using nationally recognized protocols and procedures. With our proprietary Patience Care Documentation system and process, you will have 24/7 access online to view the many charts, graphs and other patient information which will help you to recognize potential trends with the types of injuries that are occurring at your specific obstacles or locations. Our documentation which is also signed off on by any patient we see, will also help you to avoid any potential liability. 


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