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Employment Application Continued

We are excited to review the rest of your application and once completed, will help us contact and keep in touch with you as jobs become available. Please be sure to upload and attach a picture ID and current certification(s) to this part of the application.

Please email if you have any questions with this application.

Do you have a valid drivers license?
Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
Please select the states you are willing to travel to other than your home state, just note, Event Medic Services does not pay for travel and lodging expenses
Have you ever worked as medical personnel at a special event or media production?
Do you have any specialities or experience in the following fields?
What position(s) are you applying for?
Please indicate the days you are available to work at events in your state
Do you have experience operating any of the following?
May we contact this reference?


Do you state that all of the answers are true and that you accept and agree with all of the terms of this application?
Upload File
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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